Guess Who? Original Edition Game

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Guess Who? is the original guessing game for two players. Set it up and start playing in seconds!

This classic game includes two categories of mystery characters for you to identify: people and pets.

On your turn, narrow down the possibilities with a yes or no question, such as, "Do you have brown eyes?" or "Are you wearing a hat?"

When you think you know the answer, take a guess. But don't guess until you're sure, because in this game, it's all or nothing!

If you guess correctly, you win. But if you miss, you lose the game!

When you and your friends master the people and pets categories, you can go online to download more character sheets. Be sure to ask a parent before going online.

Age: 5+ years

  • Includes: Guess Who? Game and instructions.
  • For 2 players
  • Classic Guess Who game is mystery-solving guessing fun
  • Close the doors on the characters you rule out
  • Set up and play in seconds
  • Go online to Print even more characters
  • Board Dimensions: 16L x 24W x 24H cm
  • Batteries Not Required
  • Fun for all ages!

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