Jumbo Grow Dinosaur Egg (6 in CDU)

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You may have never seen a dinosaur, but there's no easier way to catch a glimpse of a legendary creature than to grow one yourself. Hatching from a jumbo-sized speckled egg, this ancient reptile grows 6 times its size in water. 4 species to collect: allosaurus, triceratops, dimetrodon or stegosaurus! The Jumbo Grow Dinosaur Egg makes an excellent gift for a fan of the mystical. Be patient - large grow toys can take over a week to reach full size.

Age: 4+ years


  • 6 x Egg with a cute baby dinosaur inside
  • Submerge the egg in water to make it hatch
  • Hatching will begin after 24 to 48 hours
  • And the dinosaur will continue to grow over the period of a week

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