Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot 45pc Activity Set

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Meet Botley, the code to fun! As the newest member of the Learning Resources family, Botley is here to introduce coding in an easy, friendly way. Children as young as 5 can learn to code with Botley, and with his advanced features, he’ll grow with them for many play filled years to come. Botley is ready to use right out of the box, he’ll have kids coding in minutes!
Botley is also 100% screen free – no phone or tablet required. And that’s not all – he comes with an included 45-piece activity set so kids can interact with coding cards, set up obstacles and more. Explore Botley’s advanced features and code him for up to 80 steps, with 40 more you can discover. He can also follow looping commands or be programed to go around objects with if/then logic.
Turn on the black-line follow mode and set up a path for Botley to travel. And Botley even has hidden features to unlock! Learning coding with Botley helps to foster creativity, develop problem solving and critical thinking skills and is fun! Children will be challenged, entertained, delighted and learn all at the same time.

Age: 5+ years


  • Includes 1 x Botley the coding robot activity set.
  • Lots of interactive fun features!
  • Boyley detect objects - and moves around them!
  • Follows looping commands
  • Navigate obstacle courses
  • Follow black lines
  • RRP: $99.99
  • Barcode: 0765023029369
  • Dimensions: Length 206 x Width 157 x Height 157 mm
  • Botley also has additional hidden features to unlock!
  • Your child will get to learn early STEM skills while playing and having fun. Botley teaches the basics of coding through
  • Learning Resources Brand! Botley™.

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