Pass the Pigs Giant Edition Game - Inflatable

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The classic party game Pass The Pigs goes SUPER-SIZE!

Perfect for parties, these giant inflatable pigs can bounce around the garden, house, beach or even the pool.

It's Pass The Pigs like you've never passed them before! Inflate your pair of porkers, throw them and see how they land.

Will you get a Leaning Jowler, a Mixed Combo or will you Pig Out.

Age: 7+


  • Includes 2 Plastic Inflatable Pigs 2 Pencils 1 Polyester draw string bag 2 Plastic deflation rods 1 Vinyl plastic repair seal 1 Rule Booklet
  • Throw up the pigs, how they fall determines the points you get
  • Easy to learn and quick to play
  • For 2 or more players

Warning. Not suitable for Children under 3

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