Star Wars Black Series E9: Rise of Skywalker 6" Action Figure Assorted

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Star Wars Black Series E9 wav sets out to capture the quintessential characters and scenes from the new Star Wars movie, Fallen Order & The Mandalorian Series
In this series the figures are brought to life in excruciatingly accurate detail. These figures are collectable in the Black Series Collection.
Available Characters: Each Sold Seperatley. Can not choose - Will be sent random.
Cara June (The Mandalorian)
Jannah (E9:Rise of Skywalker)
First Order Jet Trooper (E9:Rise of Skywalker)
Luke Skywalker Yavin Ceremony (E4: A New Hope)
Rey and D-0 Droid (E9:Rise of Skywalker)
Supreme Leader Kylo Ren (E9:Rise of Skywalker)
Sith Trooper (E9:Rise of Skywalker)
First Order Stormtrooper (E9:Rise of Skywalker)
Jawa (The Mandalorian Series)
Second Sister Inquisitor (Jedi Fallen Order)
Cal Kestis (Jedi Fallen Order)
Wedge Antilles (E5: Empire Strikes Back)
Age: 6+ Years


  • Includes 1 x Star Wars Character Black Series 6 inch Action Figure
  • Figure comes with accessories
  • Collector Black Series ..Collect Them all!
  • Characters from the new movie & the Manalorian series
  • Licensed product, Official Hasbro Brand!

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