Tribe Game of Thrones Arya Storage USB 32GB Flash Drive Figure

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Tribe Brand: Game of Thrones: Arya USB flash drive! As the most resourceful and fiercest Stark child, Arya was ripped away from her family at a young age and has been forced to survive on her own ever since. She is headstrong, independent, and knows how to blend in. She wields a sword named Needle, a gift from her half-brother, Jon Snow. If you trust no one but yourself to survive, this Arya 32GB USB flash drive is for you!

Age: 12+ years


  • Includes 1 x Game of Thrones Arya Storage USB Flash Drive
  • 32 GB USB Storage
  • Can be used as a keyring or bag hanger!
  • Connect to any computer, tv or device with usb port!
  • High quality design with collectible character!
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • High Quality Look and Feel
  • Suitable for Windows and Mac Systems
  • 2 year Warranty
  • Lots of characters to collect, Collect them all!
  • Tribe Brand, Official GOT Licensed!

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