Twerk Pong Party Game with ping pongs

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Dancing Game, Twerk to win! This super fun game puts your twerking skills to the test. Fill your box up with ping pong balls and race to see who can empty their twerk box the quickest.

Included in the pack are 2 flat packed twerking boxes, 2 lengths of ribbon and 10 standard sized ping pong balls. You will need to make the boxes to play the Twerking game, full assembly and game instructions are included in the pack.

There are 3 gaming options to play Twerk Pong that you can choose from. Option 1 is a head to head battle; two players fight against each other to get the ping pong balls out of their box the quickest. Option 2 is for more than two players where you split yourselves into teams and have several one-on-one battles. Whoever is on top after every team member has twerked it out are the winners. Option 3 is also for multiple players and is called Time Trials, you’ll need a timer, pen and paper for this game. Each person is timed on how quick they can twerk the balls out of the box.

Once you’ve assembled your Twerk pong boxes you need to tie them around your waist. The box should be positioned on the lower part of your back with the hole facing away from your body as shown on the packaging. You need to make sure you tie it nice and tight as it’s going to move around as you twerk. You will need to fill the boxes up with the correct amount of ping pong balls depending on the game you’ve decided to play, for gaming options 1 and 2 you’ll need to have 5 ping pong balls per twerk box, for option 3 all 10 ping pong balls will need to go in 1 twerk box for time trials.

Combine Twerking and a competition for the ultimate party game perfect for Hen or Stag Dos. This fun game will have you shaking away to become the winner and world’s greatest Twerk pong player!

Age: 18+ years


  • • Novelty Party Game

    • Fun twerking game

    • 3 gaming options to choose from

    • Compete to shake the balls out of your box

    • Full instructions included

    • Included in the pack 2 x flat packed cardboard boxes, x 2 lengths of ribbon, x 10 ping pong balls

    • Some assembly required

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